The Fishing Lake

A well stocked coarse fishing lake extending to approximately 2 acres.  Mirror and Common Carp into double figures and plenty of Tench, Roach, Perch, and Bream.  Due to other work commitments and no advertising this lake has not hardly been fished for very nearly 5 years.  As a result we have natural wild fighting fish with not a scale out of place or a hook mark on them.  We would like our fish to remain that way so we ask you to handle the fish carefully, so no keep nets.  They are not fat fish as they have not been artifically fed so don’t expect record weight catches, but do expect to find challenging pleasant pleasure fishing in nice relaxing surroundings.

If you do require more serious heavyweight fishing, then pop up the road for a day to Cokin Farm, where friends of ours run a big professional fishery.

Rod licences will be checked.  Unhooking mats to be used, max 2 rods per person.  No night fishing.

Fishing video here by Graeme Pullen

Watch from 20:16 to see our fishing lake

Totally Awesome Fishing

Only £9 a day ticket or £5 afternoon 2pm till 8pm

Joey age 6 caught his first carp.

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